Bonus: These fruity face masks are all under $20! 

Jaime Milan
May 29, 2020
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| Credit: Amazon

It’s no secret that we love pineapples here at EatingWell. We put the tropical fruit in everything from salads to smoothies to cocktails, and celebs love them (almost) as much as we do. Pineapples are not only delicious and good for you, but they’ve been especially trendy lately in fashion and home decor. And now, pineapple face masks exist.

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it’s been recommended that everyone practice social distancing and wear a face mask while running errands (yep, you should be wearing one at the grocery store!). While you could certainly opt for a plain Jane, sterile-looking mask, you could also have some fun with these fruity picks. Behold, our five favorite pineapple face masks that you can buy online:

Half Face Mask with Filter Unisex Tactical Winter Face Cover for Running Pineapple 1 Pack
Floral Hawaiian Ferns Printed with Adjustable Earloop Face-Mask
100% Cotton Mask - PINK & GOLD PINEAPPLE
MEKIDA Apparel Pineapple Face Mask
Triple Layer Cotton Pineapple Contour Face Mask Washable Reusable Pineapples

No matter which of these pineapple face masks you choose, you’ll be looking trendy and tropical all summer long. Go ahead and snag a few for your friends or family—we promise, these cute designs will make them *actually* want to wear their mask!