29,000 Pounds of Vegetarian Lean Cuisine Meals Are Being Recalled for Containing Chicken

Vegetarians check your freezers. While the reason for the recall is technically an undeclared allergen—soy—the company received multiple complaints about people finding chicken in the typically meat-free meal.

It might be time to check your freezer, especially if stocked up on some extra freezer meals from Lean Cuisine. Their Fettuccini Alfredo, tender pasta with a creamy cheese sauce, is being recalled. The USDA announced on May 28 that Nestle Prepared Foods Company is recalling about 29,000 pounds of product that contains chicken, as well as the undeclared allergen, soy.

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Lean Cuisine

The box you’ll want to check for in your freezer will be labeled as “LEAN CUISINE favorites Fettuccini Alfredo tender pasta with a creamy cheese sauce” and will have a date of May 2021 on the side of the box.

The lot codes to look for are:

  • 0113587812 A
  • 0113587812 B
  • 0113587812 C
  • 0113587812 D

The box will also have P27333 printed next to those codes. The mixup likely happened because they were distributed in cartons labeled as Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, another frozen meal from Lean Cuisine.

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The company realized the mistake when multiple people called to complain that they found chicken in their typically meat-free meals. No one has reported being sick or experiencing any other adverse reactions. However, if you’ve got a box in your freezer, the USDA is advising you not to eat them and either throw the box away or return it to the store where you purchased the meal. (If you plan to return them to your local grocery store, just be aware that many stores still have updated return policies due to COVID-19 so you may want to call them first.)

Since many of us stocked up on extra frozen meals as the novel coronavirus pandemic changed how we shopped and ate, check your freezer—especially if you have a soy allergy or don’t eat meat. If you have any questions, you can contact Nestle Prepared Foods at (800) 983-8625.

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