This Refillable Cleaning Kit Makes My House Smell Like a Spa

It's also pretty inexpensive!

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I know I’ve been talking about cleaning products a lot lately, but it’s been on my mind since we’re all at home (and likely cleaning more) due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, but I’m really picky about my cleaning products: they have to smell great, I’d rather them not have a bunch of harsh chemicals (unless I’m using my DIY sanitizing solution) and, perhaps most importantly, they have to work well.

I was so excited when Casabella sent me their new “Infuse” system to try. While these cleaning products won’t necessarily kill coronavirus (you can find those cleaning products here), they’re amazing for everyday cleaning.

For starters, their products are all Leaping Bunny-certified, which means they’re cruelty free and never tested on animals. Casabella claims they’re also free from harmful ingredients, harsh chemicals and endocrine disruptors (which I, sadly, did not know could be in my cleaning products).

Casabella’s Infuse line of cleaning products is also really cool because the system works with empty spray bottles—you simply fill them with water and attach the cartridge of cleaning concentrate before spraying. When you run out of solution, simply replace the cleaning cartridge (they’re just $3.99 each at Target—about the same as a new bottle of cleaning solution). Not to mention, since you’re buying just the concentrates, you’re eliminating plastic from bottles and helping the environment a bit!

The cleaning cartridges come in yummy scents like Lavender-Lemon, Eucalyptus-Mint and even unscented. Since there aren’t any harsh chemicals, the scents are really pleasant and spa-like (read: they didn’t give me an insta-headache).

Plus, I love that I have a spray bottle with its own custom capsule for each area of my home (surfaces, windows and mirrors and bathrooms) that I can carry in this handy caddy. I also stash my microfiber cloths and reusable wipes in there so I don’t have to mess with paper towels. It seriously makes cleaning a breeze, and I actually *kind of* enjoyed the experience, which is saying a lot for me!

Best of all? This system is pretty affordable. A spray bottle and cleaning cartridge is just $8 at Target.

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