Would it be weird if I got 10 to hang in my living room? 
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urban outfitters hanging sloth planter
Credit: Urban Outfitters

It’s no secret that I’m a crazy plant lady. In fact, gardening is pretty much the only thing keeping me sane right now. With the novel coronavirus pandemic, divisive politics and daily stressors, sometimes you just need to welcome some extra joy (and plants) into your life.

I’ve found a weird source of happiness in buying and displaying funky planters (I especially love ones with faces, like these ones from Anthropologie). The latest one I’m about to add to my collection is this hanging sloth-shaped planter. It’s like a little hammock for your plants, and I can’t stop smiling when I look at it.  

Sloth 4.25" Hanging Planter
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Urban Outfitters

I mean, how can you not feel warm and fuzzy when you look at this happy little guy hanging by twine from your window? He’s made of ceramic and can hold a 4” (or smaller) plant, which is the perfect size for succulents, air plants and more. I’m thinking a strand of pearls plant would be super fun here! 

The best part? You can add a little cheer to your space for just $18. Snag one (or 10, I won’t judge) of these planters from Urban Outfitters, or pick up this sloth hugging planter if you have a table top begging for some cuteness. Both have 5-star reviews, so you can’t go wrong.