Forget the ice you get from an ice cube tray or your freezer's ice maker that melt quickly and dilute your drink. This silicone ice cube maker is the best for keeping your craft cocktail cool—and it's only $9.
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Pictured recipe: Old Fashioned Cocktail

As cocktails, beer and wine have evolved to become the craft beverages we know today, the ice that cools your cocktails has also evolved into craft cubes. From the geometric ice cubes shaved by hand at fancy bars, to the smart-fridge that makes these craft cubes for you, ice seems to have become just as important as the actual cocktail itself. And with more people making cocktails at home now due to COVID-19, (me included) this silicone ice cube tray that creates perfectly square cubes can help make your cocktail feel extra special. It's a favorite among EatingWell editors!

Tovolo King Cube Silicone Ice Tray
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Bed, Bath and Beyond

Here's Why I Love This Ice Cube Tray

Not only does this ice cube tray make your cocktail feel fancy, the large cubes also melt slower than regular cubes, which means no more watery cocktails with lackluster flavor. This is especially great as the weather heats up—no need to rush and gulp down your drink before it all melts. And the slower melt time is also important for the whiskey lovers in the house, as it lets you better enjoy the flavors of the actual whiskey.

The tray is made from flexible silicone rather than hard plastic, which means turning out your cube is easy as can be. I've broken plenty of plastic trays in my day trying to twist out stubborn cubes, so this is a major plus. But don't worry, it's sturdy enough that you'll be able to make it from the sink to the freezer without water going everywhere.

There are a ton of different options out there but I really like this one because it makes six cubes at once, while others can only make one or two cubes at a time (like the sphere ice cube molds). That being said, there's a time and place for other shapes, too! But if you're in the market for just one, I think this is the best:

Buy it! Tovolo King Cube Silicone Ice Tray,, $9 each

Some other cute molds to test out this summer:

Sphere Ice Molds,, $10 for set of 2

Lékué Heart-Shaped Ice Cube Tray,, $5 for 1 tray

Tovolo Anchor-Shaped Silicone Ice Tray,, $9 for 1 tray

classic negroni

Cocktail Recipes to Make with Craft Ice

What to take your cocktail game up even more? Check out your local vintage store for unique glasses (my favorite glass ever is a star-studded glass from my local shop, kind of like these cute glasses studded with bees) or order some of these classy cups:

Fun and flirty: Pink Palm Acrylic Cocktail Glass,, $5 for one (orig. $8.50)

Clean and modern: Schoot Zwiesel Bar Collection Whiskey Tumbler (12-oz.),, $10 for 1

Classic to the core: Schoot Zwiesel Kirkwall Double Old Fashioned Rocks Glass,, $40 for set of 2