Say hello to your new summer BFF.
aldi spiked raspberry lemonade
Credit: Getty / Aldi

Aldi is known for its monthly “Aldi Finds,” a list of seasonal or limited-time-only goodies that could include things like inflatable backyard games, carrot cake dessert hummus or even $8 fiddle leaf fig trees. June’s Aldi Finds did not disappoint, because this month the grocer is releasing spiked raspberry lemonade in a can.

State of Brewing’s Raspberry Lemon Spiked Lemonade comes in a six-pack of brightly colored cans that are perfect for summertime. We love that this cheery drink comes in cans so we can take them to our backyard BBQ or pack them in a cooler for the lake or beach. The refreshing, crisp taste of fruity lemonade pairs perfectly with the malt beer base. Those who have tried it say it’s “perfect for anyone who doesn't like beer.”

Each 12-ounce can has 4.2% alcohol, about the same as a can of light beer. Each six-pack costs just $6.99, which is about the same price as mass-market beer but a little cheaper than other canned drinks such as hard seltzer.

Since I definitely fall in the no-beer camp, I’ll be picking up a six-pack on June 10 when they hit Aldi stores.