Take your next camping trip to the next level with these tasty brews.
pouring coffee into mugs
Credit: Eric Wolfinger

When you go camping, you don't need to go without caffeine (and all of the nasty caffeine withdrawal symptoms that go with it). After sleeping on the ground, nothing tastes better than a hot cup. Bonus points if you enjoy it from one of our favorite reusable coffee mugs. Here's what to pack to make your morning joe outdoors.

Campfire Coffees

These packs of brews deserve a space in your cooler for your next camping trip.


Its Via Instant coffees are just as tasty as what you'd get from your barista. (5 packets, $8; athome.starbucks.com)

Swift Cup

These guys partner with specialty roasters to make their high-quality instant cup. (Starting at 6 packets for $14; swiftcupcoffee.com)


If pour-over java is your jam, this one's for you. Each pouch comes with a filter that anchors over the sides of your mug and is prefilled with ethically sourced grounds. And 1% of all sales are donated to national parks. (10-pack, $22; kujucoffee.com)

Coffee Makers

Once you try these campfire-friendly coffee makers, you'll never want to go back to plain instant coffee again.


The über portable Go Travel Cof- fee Press telescopes neatly into its own mug. ($32; aeropress.com)


The QuikPot is a propane-powered, full-size drip brewer. The 10-cup carafe is perfect for roughing it with

your entire crew. ($130; coleman.com)

GSI Outdoors

For an old-school approach, try the Stainless Coffee Percolator, which comes in 8-, 14-, 28- and 36-cup sizes. ($50 & up; gsioutdoors.com)

Make Your Own

Try a homemade option like our Café Vaquero. It is a delicious mix of rich coffee and flavorful cinnamon and piloncillo, a dark unrefined sugar.

This story originally appeared in EatingWell Magazine June 2020.