These Mini Greenhouses Are the Perfect Addition to Any Garden

Protect your plants from unwanted pests.

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The novel coronavirus has caused many of us to spend more time at home and practice social distancing guidelines. As a result, many people have begun to garden as a pleasant and time-consuming activity. While it's fun to hang a basket of strawberry plants or grow your own tomatoes, your new plants may receive unwanted attention from your neighborhood squirrels or other pests.

The solution to pesky intruders? These mini greenhouses from Wayfair. Adding a greenhouse around your plants is an easy way to fend off pests while still getting enough sunshine for your plants to flourish. We found these six options for every budget.

If your garden is just starting out and you don't want to invest a ton of money just yet, these greenhouses are the perfect choice. They work best with potted plants, which is perfect for beginner gardeners. These greenhouses will ensure your new flowers or potted veggies are safe.

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Mobile Green Wall 2.41 Ft. W x 1.75 Ft. D Mini Greenhouse

Mobile Green Wall Mini Greenhouse
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PlantHouse 2 Ft. W x 2 Ft. D Mini Greenhouse

PlantHouse Mini Greenhouse

If you love to plant your own food, these mid-priced greenhouses are a great option. Whether you're planting tomatoes, peppers or herbs, these greenhouses will help your bounty thrive.

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GrowIT Backyard Raised Bed 4 ft. x 4 ft. Mini Greenhouse

GrowIT Backyard Raised Bed 4ft.x4ft. Mini Greenhouse
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Haxnicks 1.67 Ft. W x 3.25 Ft. D Mini Greenhouse

Haxnicks Mini Greenhouse

If you are an avid gardener, these greenhouses are a gorgeous addition to your space and a solid investment for year-round gardening. These wooden greenhouses are perfect for plants that need lots of heat, as the polycarbonate glazing boards will regulate the temperature inside.

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40' W x 26' D Mini Greenhouse

40 x 26 Mini Greenhouse
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W x D Mini Greenhouse

W x D Mini Greenhouse
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