Quarantine has apparently made me a professional bird watcher.
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wayfair window bird feeder
Credit: Wayfair

While it’s imperative to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, social distancing can get pretty boring. I mean, there are only so many walks you can take and banana bread loaves you can bake, right? I’m fortunate to be able to work from home, so I often set up my “office” at my kitchen table with a nice view of my backyard (rather than the blank white wall my desk faces). 

I love watching and hearing my backyard birds—especially the bright red cardinals and blue jays. I told this to my mom and at first she made fun of me—I’m 28 but I’ve always enjoyed grandma hobbies like gardening and bird-watching)—but then she surprised me by sending me a clear bird feeder that sticks on your window. This one from Wayfair is almost identical to mine.

Tranquility Window Tray Bird Feeder
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I ran outside, stuck it high up on my window and filled it with bird seed (I use this kind from Target, $12). In less than 30 minutes, I had a cardinal sitting in my window feeder enjoying an afternoon snack. 

I love this feeder because it sits high up on my window and it has a little perch and tray, so the birds don’t drop the seed and make a mess like they do with a traditional feeder. Because the feeder is clear, you get to see beautiful birds up close—plus, it’s fun to watch their little mannerisms while they eat! A major bonus is the fact that it’s impossible for squirrels to get into the feeder.

If you’re bored at home, I promise these clear, stick-on bird feeders will bring some much-needed joy to your daily routine (even my husband gets into it now!). Here are some of my other favorites: