We want one of these succulents in every color.
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rainbow succulents
Credit: Etsy / QueenofSucculents

As more people are spending time at home due to the novel coronavirus, many people have turned to their gardens for a fun and rewarding activity. While you could certainly hang a basket of strawberry plants or regrow green onions, non-edible gardens are just as fun (and beautiful)..

The best part? You don't even need a big yard or patio! You can still enjoy beautiful plants with these colorful succulents from Etsy. Thanks to the shop QueenofSucculents, these gorgeous plants come in 2-inch pots, so you could easily find room on any windowsill or table.

Assorted Colorful Premium Succulents Plants
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QueenofSucculents sells these rainbow plants individually or in an assorted mystery box. For the mystery box, you select an option of five or 10 plants, and the shop owner will surprise you with the colors (boxes range between $25-$45, Etsy). Based on the photos, we would be happily surprised with any combination of these stunning succulents!

If you'd rather select your own, you can choose from dozens of colors. For warmer colors, we love this red-orange option ($13, Etsy). Meanwhile, this cool blue option makes us feel like we're looking at the ocean ($25, Etsy). And if you're looking for a multi-colored option, this succulent is bright green in the center and fades to a beautiful deep purple color ($13, Etsy).

These succulents are a great option for any level gardener. Not only are they easy to care for, but they are a quick way to add some color to any indoor or outdoor space. We can't wait to spruce up our windowsill with these vibrant, colorful plants!