This tool is the easiest way to practice portion control—and still enjoy delicious salads!
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jokari salad dressing portion tool
Credit: Wayfair

I don’t know about you, but I’m a total sucker for overpriced restaurant salads. There’s just something about the way they coat every leaf with the perfect amount of dressing—without making it soggy—that I can never seem to replicate at home. Sure, I have my favorite go-to homemade dressings (like this zesty Greek vinaigrette and creamy buttermilk ranch), but I tend to either underdress or overdress my salads. While I realize this is a very small problem in the grand scheme of things, I recently found a tool that will help anyone who’s like me: Jokari’s Portion Control Dressing Cruet ($25, Wayfair).

1 oz. Healthy Steps Portion Control Dressing Cruet
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While I realize $25 is a pretty penny to spend on a salad dressing gadget, it actually functions as multiple tools. You can whip together perfect homemade dressings every time, using the guide embossed on the bottle, and store them in your fridge in the same container (hello, fewer dishes!). 

When you’re ready to dress your salad, just squeeze the bottle and a 2-tablespoon portion will rise to the top of the tool’s chamber. This tool will help you practice portion control and also save on calories, sugar and sodium by making your dressing at home (the bottled stuff at stores can be pretty unhealthy).

Plus, let’s face it, a perfectly dressed salad can take your leafy greens from sad to restaurant-worthy, which will make you want to eat more salads at home (two wins in our book!). Buy it now: Jokari Portion Control Salad Dressing Cruet.