This week's meals are ready in 30-minute or less and have that fresh spring flavor we're all craving.
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Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper-Pecan Romesco Sauce

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The trees are quickly filling out with leaves here in Vermont and I’m so ready for it! All the new growth has me excited and inspired to make some fresh new recipes—a shift from the cozy pantry dishes I’ve been making. This week’s meals are ready in 30 minutes or less and have that fresh spring flavor we’re all craving. And they’re easy enough to make that there’s no need to prep anything ahead.

Your Meal Plan

Salmon Tacos with Pineapple Salsa

I can’t believe I didn’t add a taco recipe for Cinco de Mayo last week, so you’re getting one this week! Taco Tuesday’s Salmon Tacos with Pineapple Salsa is an insanely easy recipe that’s ready in 20 minutes, thanks to quick-cooking salmon and store-bought pineapple salsa.

I’m also dusting off my grill to make tasty recipes like Grilled Chicken with Red Pepper-Pecan Romesco Sauce. If you don’t have a grill, a grill pan will work—I love this Staub grill pan, which is on major sale right now. I often use it in the winter when it’s too cold to grill.

Sunday: Linguine with Lemon Alfredo Shrimp with mixed greens topped with Basil Vinaigrette

As always, if you have trouble finding ingredients, feel free to make swaps—chicken would be as good as shrimp in the linguine, any sturdy fish will work in the tacos (shrimp too), and you can swap cooked bacon for the prosciutto in the pizza (or just make it vegetarian). 

Get the shopping list here.

Meal-Prep Snack

blueberry lemon crumb muffin

Using a muffin tin to make a week’s worth of something is my favorite. This week I’ll be making our Blueberry-Lemon Crumb Muffins to have as easy snacks. They also make for a yummy addition to Mother’s Day brunch!

Treat Yourself

fresh mint mojito

The mint I planted last year is already growing like crazy and what better way to use it than in this Fresh Mint Mojito? Even though we’re expected to get some snow this weekend (that’s Vermont for ya), I’ll be mixing up a batch to enjoy anyway.

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