Emily Blunt Shared Her Family's Roasted Potato Recipe with Ina Garten and It Looks Incredible

The best part? This roasted potato recipe only requires 5 ingredients.

Ina Garten in Kitchen
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During this time of social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19, cooking at home has become a go-to activity for many. Whether you've tried the whipped coffee trend or baked numerous loaves of sourdough, now is the perfect time for comfort food. And one person sharing delicious and comforting recipes is Ina Garten (AKA the queen of quarantine meals).

Ina recently took to Instagram to give her 2.6 million followers a sneak peek at a recipe from her upcoming cookbook Modern Comfort Food. The aptly named cookbook comes at a time when many people are craving familiar recipes, and Ina just announced that she's moving the release date up to October 6th. (You can pre-order the cookbook here.)

The recipe for Emily's English Roasted Potatoes comes courtesy of actress Emily Blunt. She shared her family's favorite recipe, and they look absolutely amazing. Ina's Instagram followers agreed and they ended up crashing her website to get the mouthwatering recipe!

Emily's roasted potato recipe calls for just five ingredients, and it couldn't be easier. You simply boil the potatoes before transferring them to the oven. And Emily has a pretty genius secret to getting a crispy exterior and a creamy interior: She preheats the sheet pan with some oil before tossing the potatoes. This simple trick will help the potatoes get crispy and brown, and who doesn't love a crispy potato?

When it comes to warm, delicious recipes we know we can count on Ina. Her recipes are comforting and bring together millions of people. Hopefully, she shares another sneak peek recipe from Modern Comfort Food soon!

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