The zero-point WW snack is likely in your house right now, too!
kate hudson smiling
Credit: Getty Images / Ilya S. Savenok / Stringer

"To snack or not to snack?" That is the question Kate Hudson was struggling with on Instagram Stories last night, proving once again, that yes: celebs are just like us. In other words, they're snacking more than ever during quarantine.

Since 2018, Hudson has been an ambassador for WW (the rebranded Weight Watchers) to find balance amidst her crazy-busy life as a mom of three/actress/Fabletics activewear co-founder/King St. Vodka owner. So when she's weighing whether a snack is worth adding to her menu for the day, Hudson often turns to her WW app to study up on point counts.

For the uninitiated, every food and drink is assigned a point value on WW, which is calculated based on calories, saturated fat, protein and sugar. Fruits and non-starchy veggies have zero points. Your daily goal intake of points relates to your height, weight and gender.

Come almost-midnight snack time, @katehudson took to Instastories to share that all-too-common conundrum of what to grab to ease her growling stomach before tucking into bed.

After scanning nutrition labels on potential noshes (like a protein bar, which she discovered was 9 points) and considering sticking to a cup of tea (with a sigh), Hudson proceeded to share the "recipe" for the pre-midnight snack.

"I took an apple, then I washed it, I cut it, then I took the seeds out," she explained (somewhat sarcastically) before taking a bite.

And just as she's detailing the specifics behind how to complete the "recipe instructions," Hudson's teenage son Ryder walks into the kitchen. After snagging an apple wedge himself, he asked, "Are you on live again?"

"I'm just teaching people how to cut an apple," Hudson laughed.

"I don't think anybody asked," Ryder said.

There you have it, America. While her snack was fresh, Hudson got roasted for her kitchen chops (and sharing her "recipe" with her fans). Ryder stays in the kitchen to make his own snack, and Hudson captures his loud singing on video for her stories as well (well played, Mom). He's probably just lovingly teasing her, but next time she may want to consider one of these next-level dressed-up apple ideas—or have a video chat with Ina or Martha to inspire a few alternate isolation snacks?