Except for adding a little water and plant food every few weeks, the AeroGarden does the rest of the work and in a few short weeks, you have fresh herbs, veggies or flowers at your fingertips.
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aerogarden indoor grower with mixed herbs
Credit: AeroGarden.com

Indoor gardens have been growing in popularity as an easy way for people to have fresh herbs and veggies at their fingertips all year round. And since the coronavirus pandemic, these gardens have become even more trendy, as shopping trips are less frequent and cooking at home has increased. I recently jumped on the trend and bought an AeroGarden indoor garden and am growing herbs, which I've been really enjoying! I have the 6-plant Harvest Elite 360 model, which fits nicely on my kitchen counter.

6-Plant AeroGarden Harvest in Cool Grey
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Why I Love My Indoor Garden

I love having fresh herbs on hand to top my breakfast tacos, add to salad dressings and add flavor to dinner but I find that I rarely can get through the bunch I buy from the store before it starts to go bad (even with proper storage). I hate wasting food, so I typically limit myself to just 1 or 2 bunches per shopping trip but now with the AeroGarden, I have 6 different herbs to choose from—basil, Thai basil, parsley, thyme, dill and mint—which has seriously added some excitement to my meals and cocktails!

I'll probably continue to grow herbs through the summer while the farmer's market and grocery store have plenty of fresh summer veggies, or may give flowers a try! And because I live in Vermont where the growing season is short (my little backyard garden typically lasts from June to August) and winters are long, dark and cold, it'll be fun to experiment with different veggie varieties. A fresh tomato in the dead of winter? Yes, please!

If you don't have the space or time for a garden, this is a foolproof alternative.

It's Definitely Worth the Money

It's an investment—the model I ordered cost $120—but thinking about the hundreds of dollars I've spent (and wasted) on bunches of herbs from the store and potted plants that never last through the colder months (no matter how much energy I put into them), it was worth it to me.

Plus, the herbs I'm growing right now can last 6 months or longer and only cost about $15 for a pack of 6 herb pods! According to AeroGarden's website, most of the other seed pods (like tomatoes, peppers and greens) also last upwards of 6 months and cost about the same.

How Exactly Does the AeroGarden Work?

AeroGardens are hydroponic gardens, meaning the plants grow in water rather than soil, which yields less mess as well as faster grow times. The LED light system provides full spectrum coverage and the electronic control panel conveniently reminds you to add water when it's low and plant food every two or so weeks, which means even if you have a history of a black thumb, you can make it happen!

You can choose from a variety of herbs, vegetables and flowers to grow, or can buy "grow anything" pods, where you can add whatever seeds you want. This is great if you have an heirloom tomato variety you want to keep going after the summer is over or you can use the machine to start your seedlings from the garden, hassle free.

What Are the Different Models and What Do They Cost?

AeroGarden has various indoor garden models, ranging from the smallest 2-plant grower all the way up to the largest 24-plant grower. The mid-size models include 3-, 6- and 9-plant gardens. All models come with a starter seed kit of your choice, be it herbs, vegetables or flowers.

With the high demand of these growers, many models are sold out. But the mid-size 6-plant Harvest grower can be purchased from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Buy it! 6-Plant AeroGarden Harvest in Cool Grey, bedbathandbeyond.com, $150