Lower in carbs and calories than chickpea hummus, it may be time to try a skinnier dip. Plus, it can be delivered right to your door.
Lupini bean hummus

Having trouble sticking to your normal snack routine as you spend more time at home? You're not alone. Nearly six in 10 Americans who took part in a recent survey admit they're snacking more during quarantine.

This is not necessarily a diet-damaging thing, though. If you select wisely, snacks can be a simple way to sneak in more produce and fiber, plus they can keep your energy levels stoked from morning to night. Until you settle back into a more usual eating schedule (these tips can help!), set your environment up for snacking success by stocking your pantry full of (mostly) nutritious snacks.

Enter: This brand-new hummus, that's shelf-stable, and lower in carbs and calories than its chickpea cousins. The secret lies in lupini beans, a snack that dates back to ancient Rome and made popular here in the States by Brooklyn, New York-based BRAMI.

With the shape and texture of edamame (AKA soybeans) and the color of chickpeas, these legumes are packed with prebiotic fiber that feeds good gut bacteria. Per serving, lupini beans have 50% more protein than chickpeas and have double the fiber of edamame.

While the beans come in seasoned pod packs, the new kid on the snack block is that dip we mentioned. The snack comes in Calabrian Pepper, Mediterranean Olive, Garlic and Rosemary and Original flavors, all of which are made with a short ingredient list, including lupini beans, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, sea salt and garlic. Find it in select stores or order online to get it delivered to your door—no supermarket crowd-dodging required.

Buy it: Lupini Bean Hummus ($24.99 for four 10-ounce containers, bramisnacks.com)

The dips don't need to be refrigerated until opened, so they're ideal for shipping and stocking in large quantities.

Each 2-tablespoon serving has 50 calories, 4 grams of fat, and 2 grams each of carbs, protein and fiber. Pair a scoop with a pile of veggie sticks and you'll be well-fueled to tackle that afternoon workout.