These easy recipes will help you back on track with healthier habits to feel your best.
Pea Soup

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I think we can all agree that the past month or so has been chaotic. And while I can't tell you exactly how many of those Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups I’ve eaten (it’s been a lot), what I can tell you is that I’ve strayed quite a bit from my regular healthy eating habits. My energy levels are lower than normal and I’m just not feeling all that great.

So this week, I’m going back to the veggie-packed recipes I can rely on to help me feel my best. They also happen to be some of the recipes you all seemed to like the most from past newsletters. =) 

Your Meal Plan

veggie enchiladas

These veggie-heavy recipes feel light and refreshing but are just as satisfying as ever. They use simple ingredients and staples, like canned beans, jarred sauces and frozen (or long-lasting) veggies but, as always, feel free to sub in whatever ingredients you have in your kitchen. Like in Friday’s 25-Minute Chicken & Veggie Enchiladas, which calls for zucchini and squash, I’ll be adding the veggies I have on hand, including frozen corn and spinach, as well as fresh mushrooms from my CSA. 

Tuesday: Easy Salmon Cakes with Creamy Dill Sauce over fresh baby spinach (or served with any veggie)

Thursday: Pea Soup with a toasted baguette slice drizzled with olive oil

Looking for more easy dinner ideas? Watch me make my favorite pantry dinner!

Meal-Prep Lunch

I’ve gotten into the bad habit of waiting too long to make lunch, at which point I’m starving and end up reaching for the quickest thing, which isn’t always the healthiest. So, this week, I’m *actually* going to meal-prep and make one of my favorite lunch recipes—the Chopped Rainbow Salad Bowls with Peanut Sauce. I switch up the veggies based on what I have and just aim to fill in all the colors of the rainbow!

Treat Yourself

berry bubbly vodka soda
Credit: Jaime Vespa, M.S., R.D.

I’ve become quite the mixologist over the past couple of weeks with the tasty cocktails I’ve been experimenting with. But the best drinks always end up being the simplest, like this light and refreshing Berry Bubbly Vodka Soda that’s made with just three ingredients—frozen berries, seltzer water and vodka.

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