J. Lo Reportedly Eats This Classic Comfort Food Every Week—and Still Has Killer Abs

Plus, find out what other items Jennifer Lopez always has stocked in her fridge.

Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Getty / Jeff Kravitz

Jennifer Lopez conquers the Super Bowl stage with the energy of the fittest collegiate athlete. She completes 10-day "detoxes" that include zero sugar, gluten, grains, processed foods, dairy, alcohol, caffeine or legumes, (aka she goes 10 days without any coffee, cocktails or chocolate). Oh yes, and her birth certificate says she's 50. 🤯 With all that in mind, you might guess that Jennifer Lopez is superhuman.

But at long last, thanks to the dish from her chef Kelvin Fernandez in Us Weekly, we have proof that J.Lo is human.

When J.Lo and her fiancé Alex Rodriquez choose their non-detox dinner menu, they frequently declare it taco night.

"It could be Tuesday, it could be Wednesday, it could be Thursday, it doesn't matter," Fernandez told Us Weekly, making it clear that Taco Tuesdays aren't the only time they like to salsa. "They stress the fact of how important it is to sit down, spend time together and have meals together."

As for what the power couple stocks in their fridge, Fernandez says they almost always have these staples, many of which are put to good use in their go-to green juices.

Based on J.Lo's usual daily diet, we bet there's plenty of lean protein, nuts and oats in the house as well. Sounds like a pretty delicious grocery list to us!

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