These creative and inexpensive care package ideas will help you bring some joy to your loved ones during this unprecedented time.
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woman putting together a care package
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If you’ve been social distancing due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might have gone longer than usual without seeing your partner, friends or family. This can be a total bummer—especially since there’s no clear end in sight. But an easy way to brighten a loved one’s day is to send them a care package. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive—in fact, these ideas all cost under $25 (before shipping). Time to grab your box and get creative! 

Start with a card or letter.

These note cards printed with colorful moths ($3.99, Target) or these avocado-emblazoned ones that say “You Guac” are sure to make them smile ($4.99, Target). Since both options are blank on the inside, you can write whatever you want (funny inside jokes and heartfelt messages are always appreciated!). 

Include a homemade (or store-bought) treat.

Receiving homemade treats always feel special. Whether you go with a chocolate chip cookies or a batch of granola, you really can’t go wrong (just make sure to follow these instructions for shipping treats!). Not into baking? Snag a few packs of sour worms ($1.99, Target) or some Reese’s peanut butter cups ($1.49 for 8 snack-size cups, Target) for a sweet treat.

Add something special.

Personal touches are what take a care package from good to great. You know your recipient’s personality, so add a “little happy” that is unique to them. Perhaps they’re a fashionista (think: fun hair accessories or a bright new shade of lipstick), or maybe they’re a homebody (think: fluffy socks or a face mask), or maybe they love to cook (think: good-quality sea salt or a pretty silicone spatula). Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Classic hoop earrings in gold, silver or rose gold ($18, Madewell)
  • Funky socks! We love this star-studded pair for guys ($11.70, Saks) or this fun pair for women that says “Drop it like a sloth.” ($1.50, Target)
  • This cat kitchen towel will brighten your favorite cat lady’s (or cat dude’s) space ($10, Sur La Table)
  • This stainless steel cup from Corksicle will help them keep their cocktails icy cold for up to nine hours or coffee hot for up to three hours. (on sale for $19.99 at Williams Sonoma)
  • A custom photo mug—bonus points if you use some goofy photos to make them smile! (on sale for $8.50, Shutterfly)
  • A mini waffle and Belgian waffle mix will make their breakfasts at home way more special. And you can snag ‘em both for under $25 right now. ($11.96 for mini waffle maker and $12 for Belgian waffle mix, both from Sur La Table)
  • A face- and smile-brightening shade of lipstick ($18, Fenty Beauty) or a five-pack of mini luxe face masks ($19, Sephora)
  • This popcorn set will upgrade at-home movie nights—it has unique kernel varieties and five different sweet and salty seasonings for endless tasty combos. ($19.95, Sur La Table)