No more boring leftovers with these tasty dinners that rework leftovers to make a new and exciting meal.
Five-Spice Turkey & Lettuce Wraps

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I’ve been trying both to cook less and to use up what I have before it goes bad, which means we’ve been doing a whole lot of leftovers in my house. I love having leftovers for easy, ready-made lunches and dinners, but lately I’ve been feeling seriously burnt out eating the same thing for multiple meals. Anyone else in the same boat?

So, this week’s meals are a win-win because they yield enough leftovers for dinner the next day, but those leftovers get reworked in creative ways to make them feel different enough, so we won’t get bored!

Your Meal Plan

chicken curry stuffed sweet potato

A few weeks back, I made a batch of the Five-Spice Turkey & Lettuce Wraps (the first picture above). This recipe calls for cooked brown rice to be added to the ground turkey mixture, which immediately increases the volume and ups the fiber content, which is a great idea! There was lots left over and after eating lettuce wraps for a few days, we turned the ground turkey mixture into grain bowls to keep things exciting (see a pic of this tasty dinner on my Instagram!). So that’s what you’ll see listed for Monday’s dinner.

You can basically turn any leftovers into a grain bowl and it’ll be good. The same can be said for stuffed potatoes and quiche. All of which you’ll see in this week’s plan =).

Sunday: Five-Spice Turkey & Lettuce Wraps (make extra brown rice for Monday’s and Thursday’s dinners)

Monday: Five-spice turkey + brown rice + chopped romaine + toppings like scallions, lemon juice and hot sauce

Wednesday: Chicken Curry Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (using last night’s curry)

Friday: Quiche! Using whatever veggies + cheese you have (use this recipe as a guide!)

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