Earth Day is April 22. Looking for some easy Earth day activities for kids? Try one of these easy gardening projects.
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Photo of kids legs in red rain boots, holding a red watering can, watering a garden.
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It's a fact: kids love to get their hands dirty. And the garden is one of the few places where that's actually a good thing. Gardening with kids has a lot of other benefits too: kids learn where their food comes from and how plants grow. It might even inspire them to eat more veggies if they helped grow those greens themselves! Gardening teaches kids patience and how to be a caregiver. If kids have their own pot or garden space to tend to, they will feel ownership of it and have the satisfaction of seeing their hard work come to fruition. 

Gardening can also help ease stress and nourish the senses. Anyone with kids at home during the new coronavirus pandemic will appreciate this one. We're all itching to get outside and science says fresh air can act as the calming therapy we all need right now. If you do have access to some outdoor space or even a pot and windowsill, get gardening with your kids this Earth Day. Here are some easy ideas to get started.

Garden Tools for Kids

Whether you're working with a windowsill or raised garden beds, your kids will need some basic supplies to get started. These gardening tools are made for small hands, so they're worth stocking up on. Here are some of our favorites for whatever type of garden you're planting:

Pick a Kid-Friendly Gardening Project

1 Kids Garden Kit

There are so many adorable gardening options for beginners, but we love this all-in-one kit from Williams Sonoma. It includes 36 peat pellets, a tray and handy booklet, so your kids can grow flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables from seed at home.

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Williams Sonoma
growing plants from veggie scraps

2 Grow Fruits & Veggies from Food Scraps

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Don't toss those food scraps! Did you know that you can actually grow new plants from common food scraps that are so often destined for the garbage or compost bin?

Cardboard toilet paper rolls bundled together used as seed starters
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3 Toilet Paper Roll Seed Starters

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Got some extra toilet paper rolls lying around? Repurpose them to help start your spring garden. All you need are some TP rolls (or paper towel rolls), scissors, seed starting soil mix and seeds to get started.

Chef'n Microgreens Growing Kit

4 Grow Microgreens Indoors

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Microgreens are really easy to grow, and are about as close to instant gratification as you can get with gardening, since they're ready to harvest in just a couple of weeks.

hanging basket with strawberry plant
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5 Strawberry Hanging Basket

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You can use a moss- or coconut fiber-lined hanging basket, or get creative with kitchen items like a large colander (just make sure the holes are relatively small). The sky's the limit for this adorable DIY gardening project!