Say hello to your new favorite snack.
everything but the bagel cashews almonds trader joes
Credit: Trader Joe's

It's no secret that we're obsessed with Everything but the Bagel seasoning (after all, we've come up with 50+ ways to use it). We love the salty, garlicky blend on everything from avocado toast to chicken tenders, and we're not the only ones who can't get enough of EBTB seasoning—one dedicated couple found a way to make thousands of dollars selling it online!

So when Trader Joe's—the OG purveyor of Everything but the Bagel seasoning—came out with EBTB-flavored nuts, we knew we had to snag a bag ASAP. These cashews and almonds are coated in a blend of sesame seeds, garlic, salt, onion powder and poppy seeds to mimic your favorite deli bagel in a crunchy snack form.

Not to mention, these mixed nuts are much healthier than your standard bagel (and taste just as good). Almonds and cashews, in particular, are packed full of vitamin E, magnesium, zinc and good-for-your-gut fiber. Nuts can also boost your heart health, reduce your risk of diabetes, fight inflammation and even help you lose weight. Pretty impressive for a snack this delicious, right?

Each 8-ounce bag is just $3.99, so we have a feeling they'll sell out quickly. If that's the case at your local TJ's, whip up some homemade EBTB seasoning and make these bad boys at home. EatingWell's senior digital food editor Megan Steintrager recommends toasting the nuts in a skillet over medium heat in a little olive oil or butter before sprinkling on the seasoning and tossing to coat. You could also toss them with melted butter or oil and toast them on a sheet pan in the oven.

Either way, the oil or butter will help the spices to adhere. Another way to get the spices to stick is to grind them first in a spice mill or with a mortar and pestle—if you have the patience for that! If you're allergic to nuts (or have some extra seeds or chickpeas in your pantry), try out our Pumpkin Seeds with Everything Bagel Seasoning or our Everything-Bagel Crispy Chickpeas.