No Bartender? No Problem! Here's How to Use Your Kitchen Tools for Perfect Cocktails at Home

Utilize your kitchen tools to craft the perfect drink!


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, most of us are at home following social distancing guidelines. Although our routines may have dramatically shifted, we can still enjoy some of our favorite activities from the comfort of our homes (like happy hour!).

Thankfully liquor stores have been deemed essential businesses, so the party can continue at home. You could even stay connected with friends and family by hosting a virtual happy hour. While you could certainly pour yourself a beer or glass of wine and call it a day, why not step it up a notch and try to recreate your favorite cocktails at home?

The fancy tools your bartender uses can be easily replaced with regular kitchen gadgets. Here's how to swap tools like a pro and recreate your favorite cocktails with ease.

If You Need a Shaker, Try a Mason Jar

This swap, courtesy of EatingWell's social media editor Sophie Johnson, is so easy. If your recipe calls for a shaker, make your cocktail in a mason jar instead. Just pour your ingredients in, make sure the lid is on tight and shake.

If You Need a Strainer

Need to strain your drink? Riff on the mason jar trick above, but poke small holes in a second lid. Then swap out the lids after shaking and pour your cocktail into a glass. Voila!

If You Need a Shot Glass, Try Measuring Spoons

If you don't have a shot glass handy, but need to measure out your liquor, measuring spoons are a great alternative. One tablespoon equals 0.5 ounces of liquid, so adjust accordingly (the average cocktail has about 1.5 of liquor). But, if you'd rather eyeball the alcohol, we're not here to judge!

If You Need a Muddler, Try a Wooden Spoon

Some cocktails call for a muddler, which is used to mash fruits or herbs in the bottom of a glass. The handle of a wooden spoon is a great alternative, since it gives you a similar surface area to a muddler and easily fits in the glass.

If You Need a Wine, Cocktail or Pint Glass, Try Any Mug in Your Kitchen

This swap is a no-brainer because it doesn't matter what you drink your homemade cocktail out of. While a martini glass may be prettier, your favorite mug or juice tumbler can work in a pinch (and holds more liquid!). Enjoy your cocktails!

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