Get your home summer-ready with these adorable tropical plants.
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Photo of a pineapple plant
Credit: Getty / Suparat Malipoom / EyeEm

Pineapples are one of our favorite fruits. They're not only delicious in smoothie bowls, cocktails and grilled with meat, but they can also boost immunity, build bone strength and help you shed fat. So why not have your own pineapple plant to keep your favorite fruit at the ready?

We were excited when we saw pineapple plants on Home Depot's website, but sadly they were sold out! But, fear not, we discovered these adorable pineapple plants on Etsy for just $10—and the ones we found, you can actually eat! (The Home Depot ones are purely ornamental.)

The description of the Etsy plant says it was bred for Florida pineapple production by Libby fruit company and "produces a golden-fleshed fruit with great flavor." The shop has nearly 3,000 5-star reviews and customers rave about their pineapple plants.

One reviewer said: "Plant arrived healthy and ready to go! Took off as soon as I got it replanted." Other reviewers mention that the store offers fast shopping (7-10 days) and includes a helpful care card for the plant.

The pineapple plants are shipped in 6-ounce pots. The description says, "In order to give you the most value for your money we try to keep our plants between 3 and 8 inches high because they will grow rapidly to full size after you receive them. This affords you the greatest value for your money and keeps your shipping costs to a minimum."

This pineapple plant will grow 1-3 feet high, needs partial to full sun and has average watering needs. It's hardy in zones 9-11 (the description mentions it can handle temperatures down to the mid-30s without suffering from any internal damage).

The plant is ready to ship in 7-10 days and there's a flat $7 shipping charge for the first plant. If you want to grow multiple pineapples (um, duh!), each additional plant costs just $.50 to ship.

Now you just need some potting soil ($5, Target) and a few cheery yellow pots to put your pineapple plants in (try these $19 ones from Target). Voila! You're ready for warmer weather and a piña colada.