These Aromatherapy Tablets Make My Shower Feel Like a Spa

It's pretty much the easiest form of self-care you can do at home.

aromatherapy shower tablets
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We're all at home more than usual right now. And given everything that's going on in the world (ahem, coronavirus), we're all holding on to a lot more stress in our bodies.

Stress is a normal part of life (especially right now, since our daily routines have all shifted in some way), but if left unchecked it can harm our health. That's why—even in these crazy times—we need to make room for self-care and relaxation.

Before you roll your eyes and say, "Self-care is expensive and I just lost my job," or "I'm homeschooling my kids and working, I don't have time for self-care," please hear me out.

My coworker recently told me about these aromatherapy shower tablets that she swears by for relaxing at home (and she's a working mom with two kids!). I'm a fan of aromatherapy showers (I usually opt for fresh eucalyptus), so I wanted to try them out for myself. I snagged a pack of three lavender shower tablets ($7 for 3 tablets, Amazon), and after they arrived I decided to have an at-home spa day.

I shut the door, turned on some spa music on my phone and placed one of the tablets in the corner of my shower (note: the directions instruct you to put the tablet on the floor of your shower, but Amazon's reviewers say you get a stronger scent and longer-lasting tablet if you don't let the water hit it directly, and I tend to agree). I cranked up the hot water and almost immediately smelled the soothing lavender scent.

Since trying—and loving—the Aura Cacia shower tablets, I've also expanded my horizons and tried these "shower bombs" from Lush ($4 per tablet). They're a little pricier, but I find that I can break them in half and still smell plenty of the incredible lavender and tonka scent. You can even let your shower bomb run under hot water for a minute before using it as a foamy, skin-softening soap.

No matter which shower bomb you choose, you really can't go wrong. They're both pretty inexpensive and don't require a lot of time to use. Though you may think it's frivolous to spend money on something for self-care, I'm here to say that you deserve it (especially right now).

Though these scented shower bombs aren't a cure for anxiety and (unfortunately) won't make any of the world's problems go away, they've definitely helped me relax and unwind after a stressful day. And anything that can help you bring a little self-care into your home—especially for a few bucks and a few minutes—gets an A+ in my book.

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