And they're my new favorite quarantine snack.
2 bags of Wilde brand chips: Nashville Hot Chicken Chips and Himalayan Pink Salt and Chicken Chips

If I'm being totally honest, I was a little skeeved out the first time I saw a package of Wilde's chicken chips. They're chips made from chicken, tapioca flour and spices, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

Turns out, they have the texture of chips with a meaty flavor. They come in seven addictive flavors: Nashville Hot Chicken; Chicken and Waffles; Jalapeño Chicken; Himalayan Pink Salt and Chicken; Sea Salt and Vinegar Chicken; Chicken and Waffles; and Buffalo Chicken.

They're all incredibly tasty, but I'm partial to the Himalayan Pink Salt flavor because it tastes *exactly* like the salty and delicious skin from a rotisserie chicken, but in crispy chip form. The only flavor I wasn't crazy about was the Chicken and Waffles (the maple sugar was a bit much—but it's also worth noting that I don't like regular chicken and waffles, either).

I'm a big fan of anything salty and crunchy, and these chips are much higher in protein and lower in carbs standard potato chips. Each serving has around 140 calories, 6 grams of fat (1 gram saturated), 9 grams of carbs, no sugar and 10 grams of protein (this is based on the Himalyan Pink Salt and Chicken Flavor; nutrition varies a little by each flavor).

These chicken chips are perfect for low-carb dieters or those like me who want to be a *little* healthier without sacrificing the salty, crunchy taste they love. I also think it's cool that they're higher in protein so they keep you fuller, longer (unlike standard potato chips!).

They're available in grocery stores nationwide (here's a locator to find your closest retailer) and on Amazon.