No Toilet Paper? Turn Your Toilet Into a Bidet with This Sleek Gadget

Tushy is an attachable bidet that gets the job done—no toilet paper required.

Tushy bidet product
Photo: Tushy

I don't know about you, but I did not shop "doomsday-style" to prepare for this pandemic. I *actually* followed FEMA recommendations to only purchase enough food and supplies to last two weeks. I'm glad some of you have enough toilet paper to last you the rest of your lives, but unfortunately, I just put out the last roll of toilet paper in my bathroom and don't know where my next one will come from. (This also seems like an analogy for something bigger than just toilet paper, but I'll let you think on that.)

I've been (unsuccessfully) scouring my neighborhood grocery stores for more than two weeks for TP, so I decided to get creative. That's where this new gadget called Tushy comes in. Tushy is the sleek and aesthetically pleasing bidet attachment you never knew you needed. This gadget fits around just about every standard toilet and can be installed in 10 minutes. It even comes with an adjustable knob to help you find the right angle for getting squeaky clean.

"Just like taking a selfie, everyone has their angle," the website explains. "Adjust the stream for a precise clean." Amazing.

Not only does this bidet attachment come in clutch during #TPgate2020, but it will save you money—and help our planet—even after grocery shelves are filled with fluffy rolls of toilet paper once again.

You can get this bidet attachment in Tushy Classic and Tushy Spa. Tushy Classic spritzes cold water, while the Spa variety offers a warm water option. Plus, there are nine different colors to match your style. There's even a Tushy Ottoman—which is basically an upscale squatty potty that will help ~speed up~ the process.

I've always considered myself a Francophile—even though I've actually never been to France. (Crossing my fingers for a trip to Paris in 2021 once all this is over!) Now, I can not only eat, drink, cook and dress like the French, I can now also relieve myself like the French. What a thought. And you can, too, for just $79!

Buy Now: Tushy Classic (White/Silver), $79

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