She has vodka and ice cream, just like us!

As more of us are staying home to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we're finding ways to make healthy and delicious meals from whatever's left at the grocery store (or in our pantries). But if you're stocking up on groceries for a few weeks at a time, you might not have much room left in your fridge—which is why utilizing your freezer space is a great option. Ina Garten (AKA the queen of quarantine meals) took to Instagram to share what's in her freezer—and how we can properly freeze food at home.

Ina Garten / Barefoot Contessa in a kitchen counter with prepared food and holding a spoon
Credit: NBC / Getting Images

While Ina says her freezer used to hold chicken stock, ice cream and vodka, she's added some additional items to it while quarantining. Now, her freezer is full of frozen berries, tortellini, vegetables and a variety of soups and stocks.

Ina also shared her tips for how to properly freeze food:

  • "Allow food to cool to room temp before packing it in containers."
  • "Leave a space in the container because liquids expand when they freeze."
  • "Label each container so you know what it is and when you froze it."
  • "Don't stack containers until they're frozen so they freeze quickly."

When it comes to defrosting frozen foods, Ina recommends letting food defrost in the fridge rather than on the counter as it's safer (and the USDA agrees!). Ina's tips are useful as more people are using their freezers to limit trips to the grocery store. We can always count on her advice in the kitchen, and we love her for it!