The Schitt's Creek star has been sharing some of his favorite simple recipes via Instagram.
Dan Levy
Credit: John Shearer/Getty Images

Dan Levy is the hilarious actor, writer and producer behind the hit TV series, Schitt's Creek, where he stars alongside his father, Eugene Levy. Dan is keeping us laughing while we are all hunkered down as he shares his comedic adventures in cooking on Instagram. We must say, he has some great cooking hacks.

Levy most recently shared that he uses a box cutter to grate hard-boiled eggs for the perfect egg salad via Instagram stories (and he is not open to suggestions for *any* additions to his recipe). However, our favorite tip Levy has shared so far is using sour cream to get perfectly moist and tangy waffles every time in a now-expired Instagram story.

"Today we are doing breakfast for lunch and I ended up doing waffles because I've completely given up," Levy said. We hear you, Dan.

Levy admitted to using a boxed mix to make his perfect waffles (no judgment here), but he did add some vanilla, cinnamon and a pat of butter to the mix to give it a little more flavor. He also added 1 ½ tablespoons of sour cream.

"Like buttermilk and yogurt, sour cream adds moisture and tang to waffles and baked goods," says Megan Steintrager, EatingWell's senior digital food editor. "Because it's cultured, the acidic ingredient reacts with alkaline leaveners, like baking soda, for a little lift and fluffy texture."

Sour cream adds richness and tang to our Baked Strawberry Custards and Coffee-Streusel Bundt Cake while keeping saturated fat low. Try a small dollop in our EatingWell Waffles recipe next time you're looking to fire up the griddle!

"Take care of yourselves. I'm not just spiraling out eating waffles everyday," Levy closed out his Instagram story series. "This is a treat. Be safe—be healthy!"