7 Things That Make Spending Time at Home Way More Fun

Here are a few things to help you stay sane while social distancing.

Settlers of Catan game

I don't know about you, but my Amazon Prime membership has been getting some good use this week. I'm working from home and practicing social distancing (my husband has type 1 diabetes, so I'm really trying to limit outside contact). As easy as it sounds to "just stay home" during the coronavirus pandemic, it can be kind of a bummer.

It seems there's bad news all around, and it can be hard not being able to see friends and family during these uncertain times. Now more than ever, we should be focusing on our positive relationships, but we also need to keep safety top of mind by staying home.

So, here are some things that have helped me feel a little more zen and also helped me connect with my loved ones (from a safe distance, of course!).

A Fancy at-Home Facial

Facetime a friend with a glass of wine while wearing this luxe mask from Hanacure. When the mask dries, it makes your face look zombified and decades older (video demo here), so it's sure to make you both laugh. But when you take it off, it'll make your skin look glowy, smooth and instantly refreshed. Who couldn't use a mini spa day right now? (Buy it online at Hanacure.com, $29).


When was the last time you played a board game? For me, it's been years (at least until this week). My husband and I plan to have a game night this week where we turn off the TV and partake in a little friendly competition. We love Scrabble and poker ($3 for a deck of cards on Amazon), but if you have a bigger family, Settlers of Catan would also be super fun ($43, Amazon).

"Nice" Pajamas

All of the work from home "rules" say to get dressed every morning like you're going into the office. But anyone who's ever met me knows that's just not going to happen. I love loungewear, but investing in a nice set of pjs (read: no ratty shirts from college or sweatpants with holes in them) makes me feel just a tiny bit more put-together. I have this lounge set in two colors—they run true to size, they're the softest material ever and I want to live in them (and you will, too!).


Working in the media, I'm surrounded by news of coronavirus ALL. DAY. LONG. And, if I'm being honest, I've been experiencing some anxiety around the uncertainty of it all. And though a candle won't "cure" anything, it's nice to have one burning while I work or decompress in a hot bath after a long day. I love this Saint Germain and Lavender one from Votivo—it makes your home smell like a fancy spa and the lavender scent is incredibly calming. (Snag it on Amazon, $28.)

Healthy Snacks

Grocery stores are pretty low in supply, but you can still stock up on Amazon. When the afternoon munchies strike, I like to keep a supply of my favorite snacks—fruity, chewy Setton Farms Pistachio Bites ($7, Amazon); Country Archer Turkey Jerky (three packs for $15, Amazon); and dessert-like protein bites from GFB ($6, Amazon).


One thing I *actually* enjoy about social distancing is more time to read (preferably while cuddling my dog). Amazon has an incredible selection of books, as does your public library (they'll often lend out audiobooks or virtual reads for your Kindle or iPad). Some of the top picks on Amazon include The Silent Patient (I've read this one and it's incredible if you're into thrillers); Educated (a best-selling memoir with rave reviews); and Me Before You (this is one of my favorite books—it's a love story that will make you think, cry and laugh).


Want a social-distancing activity that will make you feel good and give you a break from technology? Try gardening! Whether you have a studio apartment or a big backyard, there are plants you can order online for whatever type of space you're working with. I love Amazon's selection of air-purifying plants ($29 for a set of three); Gardenuity's Cocktail Herb Garden ($72, Gardenuity.com) and Aerogarden for growing herbs and plants in tight spaces ($100, Amazon).

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