Toxins get into our bodies through more than just food. We are exposed to them through our carpets, lawn chemicals-even our clothing. Each day this week, we will post a new, easy tip to help you detox your kitchen and your diet.

Here's today's tip:

Tip 6: Filter Your Tap Water

You might not think of water as a source of toxins, but tap water can in fact contain up to 315 pollutants, including arsenic (a heavy metal) and pesticides, according to a 2009 analysis by the Environmental Working Group. And bottled water can contain the same contaminants as tap.

Fortunately, there's an easy fix–filter your tap water. Look for a filter for your sink, a pitcher filter or even one in a water bottle. Just make sure it's certified by the Water Quality Association ( or NSF International ( to screen out pesticides from farms and golf courses that can leach into well water. (Even tap water may contain traces of unregulated pesticides.) In most cases, a $15-20 PUR or Brita pitcher filter will do the trick. (How much water do you really need to drink? Find out.)

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