These Online Cooking Classes Are the Perfect at-Home Activity

Try these cooking classes when you need a fun and delicious at-home activity.

Right now, more people are spending time at home due to COVID-19 precautions. But being at home doesn't have to be boring! Now is the perfect time to cross items off your to-do list, like folding that ever-growing laundry pile or getting a jump-start on spring cleaning. Another great way to spend your time at home is trying out a new recipe. Whether you're an experienced cook or known for setting off your smoke detector, you can improve your culinary skills with these online cooking classes.

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Allrecipes Cooking School

The Allrecipes Cooking School will help you become more comfortable with everyday ingredients and give you tips to make cooking easier. Their cooking school provides you with demonstration videos, cooking projects and even quizzes to test what you've learned! Courses range from "Baking Basics" to "Cooking Chicken". The Allrecipes Cooking School costs $7.50 a month, but right now you can get a month free when you enter promo code "ONEMONTH" at checkout.

America's Test Kitchen

Choose from over 230 courses with America's Test Kitchen. Their classes are great for all skill levels and focus on all aspects of cooking with courses like "Advanced Knife Skills" and "All About Fresh Herbs". They also feature recipe tutorials for "Authentic Ciabatta" and "Brunch Classics". You can start with a free 14-day trial; after that, you can opt for a one-month membership, which costs $19.95, or a yearly membership, which costs $179.95.

Binging With Babish / Basics With Babish

Andrew Rea is known on YouTube for his channel Binging With Babish where he recreates recipes from popular movies and TV shows. He has over 6 million subscribers who enjoy tuning in to his informative and fun videos. In addition to pop culture-related recipes, Rea also makes videos entitled "Basics With Babish," where he covers basic recipes like shepherd's pie and chili. All of his videos are free to view, but if you want more content, a subscription to join his channel costs $4.99 a month and gives you exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and outtakes.


Bluprint has a range of classes with topics in cooking, sewing, painting and more creative at-home activities. Their cooking classes feature beginner videos like "Canning 101" and "Cooking With Cast Iron," to more advanced videos like "Sous Vide at Home: The Essentials". Class prices range from $9.99 to $99.99.


ChefSteps' classes delve into the science of cooking and aim to answer all of your burning kitchen questions. ChefSteps has two types of memberships: a free version, which gives limited access to recipes and videos, and their $69 studio pass, which provides access to all cooking classes, recipes and in-depth videos featuring members of their kitchen team.

Food Network Kitchen

The Food Network Kitchen App lets you access content across your devices. The app features live and on-demand classes where you can cook along with chefs like Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis. The app also has a question and answer section with culinary experts and lets you watch free episodes of Food Network shows. The app costs $7 a month.

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