Trader Joe's Just Launched Its Own Hard Seltzer—Here's How It Tastes

Shell House sparkling hard seltzer just debuted at Trader Joe's this week.


Spring is on its way, and Trader Joe's is helping us prepare with a slew of new products to enjoy in warmer weather. From a lemony alfredo sauce to a revamp of its skincare line for summer, we can expect a whole lot of fun and festive goodies to pop up at Trader Joe's in the coming months. Luckily, there is one new product we don't have to wait to try—Trader Joe's hard seltzer.

The Shell House line of sparkling hard selters is TJ's latest addition to its fantastic collection of booze. Offered in three summery flavors—Meyer Lemon, Raspberry and Pomegranate—the grocer's take on the hard seltzer trend is now at a store near you for just $5.99 a case (each case includes six, 12-ounce cans).

These sparkling hard seltzers have 120 calories, 5g carbs, 5g sugar (all of which are added) and 5% alcohol. They are slightly higher in calories and carbs than some of the other popular options on the market—most have around 100 calories and 2-3g carbs—but they have a stronger flavor. Here's how they taste:

Meyer Lemon

This was the unanimous favorite among our staff, as this flavor is tart but still has a natural lemon flavor. It reminds us of lemonade, while still having the distinct Meyer lemon tang. It's also a great option for those who love Mike's Hard Lemonade, but don't love the high sugar content. We would all buy this again.


Pomegranate landed in the middle of the pack. We all found it tasted like a tart candy, which was appealing to some, but not others.


This flavor had mixed reviews. Some loved it, while others found it tasted too artificial. It also reminded one of our staffers of a Black Cherry White Claw. It tasted better when mixed with either variety.

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