We thought everything had to be cheaper at Costco than on Amazon. We were wrong.
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We know Costco has the best deals on just about everything 99% of the time, but one of our staffers noticed her sparkling water habit would be cheaper if she started buying Perrier on Amazon instead of online through Costco. It made us wonder what else we could find on Amazon that's cheaper than Costco.

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Here are five surprising items you should be shopping for on Amazon Prime instead of through Costco:

Perrier Sparkling Water

We love sparkling water, but it can be an expensive habit. Luckily, Amazon offers Perrier at sparkling prices! You'll find this 24-pack for $6 cheaper on Amazon than on Costco's website—and that's without the additional $3 delivery fee (or having to lug the case from the store).

GoGo Squeez Organic Applesauce

This portable applesauce has a cult-like following for several reasons. First, it's delicious. Second, it's pretty much spill-proof. Third, it's a fun way to get your kids to eat more produce. You can find this product on Amazon for 12 cents cheaper per ounce than at Costco.

Organic Canned Beans

Chances are, you think Whole Foods' private-label products are more expensive than another grocer's' private-label products. While that is sometimes true, it's not the case here. You can find cans of organic kidney beans for 99 cents per can on Amazon Prime, while they are $1.06 each at Costco.

Philips Air Fryer

If you haven't gotten an air fryer yet, now's the time. Amazon is selling this sleek digital air fryer from Phillips for just $169, while Costco is selling it for $199.99. Not only is this air fryer a great excuse to make a batch of doughnut holes this week, it also cuts down on the amount of oil or butter needed to cook our favorite comfort foods..

Chia Seeds

Our Meal Plan Editor, Victoria Seaver, M.S., R.D., swears by chia seeds when her digestion isn't in peak condition. Keep your kitchen stocked with these nutritious seeds for oatmeal, smoothies, salads and more with this amazing deal from Amazon.

These organic chia seeds cost just $3.43 per pound, compared to $3.83 per pound at Costco. You are also guaranteed to get the Amazon chia seeds in two days, while Costco's come in 3-5 business days (when it comes to digestion, timing is everything!).