Costco Is Selling Premade Gelatin Shots and Now We're Ready to Party

Throw it back to your college days with these pre-made gelatin shots!

Costco gelatin shots
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This has been a good week for alcohol lovers. First, White Claw announced three new flavors, and now we just found out that Costco is selling Shotty's pre-made Jell-O shots. While we always recommend drinking in moderation, these new boozy treats are making us want to throw a party.

Jell-O shots are always fun to break out at a get-together, but when was the last time you had one? For me, it was college. I made them once (which was a big mistake, since cleanup was a nightmare and I didn't refrigerate them long enough, which made them the texture of runny goo). Making Jell-O shots can be a messy ordeal, which is why we're jazzed about these premade ones from Costco.

Shotty's gelatin shots come in a pack of 24 shots in four fruity flavors (Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Grape). Each shot has 12.5% ABV, which is about the same as a 5-ounce glass of wine. The best part is that these babies are already prepped for your party or poolside—just add ice and water to the pouch to firm 'em up and go!

If you're not a Costco member, you can also snag Shotty's gelatin shots at Walmart, ABC Liquor, Albertsons, Raley's and Hy-Vee. You can find a full list of locations where Shotty's are available here.

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