If you love eggs, you will want these tools. From simplifying cooking to streamlining cleanup, these tools are worth a spot in your kitchen.
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Egg cracking tool
Credit: Getty Images/Cathy Scola

We love eggs for breakfast every which way. And we are apparently not the only ones. The average American eats about 280 eggs each year. Though they may seem simple, these tools will help you cook them to your preference every time.

Poachpod with egg


If you like your eggs poached, try the PoachPod. Crack an egg into this silicone boat and then float in simmering water. It emerges poached and perfectly shaped, with no wispy white bits trailing off (Buy It: from $8 for 2, Amazon.com). We will be using this to perfect our Polenta Cakes with Poached Egg & Avocado.

The Original Clack Egg Opener

If your like your eggs soft-boiled, try the Original Clack Egg Opener. Cleanly clips the tops off soft-boiled eggs—because who wants to eat shell shards? (Buy It: from $20, Amazon.com).

Scrambled eggs in a skillet

Solidteknics Skillet

If you like your eggs scrambled, sunny-side-up, over-hard, (insert really any way you can cook them in a pan), try the Solidteknics Skillet. Once seasoned, this 71/2" wrought-iron skillet is nonstick like cast iron, but way more lightweight. And the surface won't degrade like some nonsticks will (Buy It: from $59, Amazon.com). For inspiration, see our Healthy Scrambled Egg Recipes.

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This story originally appeared in EatingWell Magazine April 2020.