Are you more of a Thin Mint or Tagalong? Here's what's written in the stars.

We believe all foods can fit into a healthy diet—and, thankfully, Girl Scout cookies are no exception. It can be hard to pick a favorite cookie (they're all so delicious!), so we turned to astrologer Kim Green to see which one we should enjoy based on our zodiac sign.

different girl scout cookies against a starry sky background
Credit: Credit: Girl Scouts; Getty / Pakin

Full disclosure: These are a little *too* accurate. Keep reading to see what's written in the stars for snack time.

Aries- Lemon-Ups

Girl Scout Cookies - Lemon-Ups
Credit: Girl Scouts

You were born to shine, Aries, which is why we picked bright yellow Lemon-Ups for your sign. "Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet, so they need a flavor that matches their boldness." The strong lemon flavor is in-your-face like you, Aries. These Girl Scout cookies are stamped with motivational phrases like, "I'm a leader" or "I'm a go-getter," which Green says is right up your alley. "Aries is a cardinal fire sign, which makes them natural leaders."

Taurus- Double-Dipped S'mores

Girl Scout Cookies - Double Dipped S'mores
Credit: Girl Scouts

"Taurus is a fixed earth sign, so they relish comfort food that they've known since childhood," Green says. There's pretty much nothing more nostalgic and comforting than chocolate-dipped s'mores. This childhood campfire treat will have you fading into a post-cookie nap—which is basically your favorite thing ever, Taurus.

Gemini- Tagalongs

Girl Scout Cookies - Tagalongs
Credit: Girl Scouts

Salty peanut butter and super-sweet milk chocolate? Green says, "Gemini's sign represents duality, so they like to have two of a good thing." What's better than just chocolate? The combo of chocolate and peanut butter, that's what. (Even debate-loving Gemini can't argue that!)

Cancer- Caramel Chocolate Chip

Girl Scout Cookies - Caramel Chocolate Chip
Credit: Girl Scouts

On the outside, these Caramel Chocolate Chip Girl Scout cookies are sweet like you, Cancer, but they also have a sprinkle of sea salt for added depth. Green says, "Cancer is ruled by the moon, and is a cardinal water sign, which can make them a little moody and bossy," so we picked a sweet cookie with a sprinkle of salt on top to represent your sassy side.

Leo- Lemonades

Girl Scout Cookies - Lemonades
Credit: Girl Scouts

These cookies are bright and zesty, just like you! Green says, "Lemons are ruled by the sun, which presides over Leo's sign. Leos love to stand out, just like these yummy lemon cookies do."

Virgo- Do-si-dos

Girl Scout Cookies - Do-si-dos
Credit: Girl Scouts

Do-si-dos are made with oatmeal and peanut butter for salty-sweet perfection. Green says, "Virgo rules over the sixth house of health," making them the most health-conscious sign in the zodiac. And, though Girl Scout cookies aren't known for being healthy, the addition of oats and peanut butter add a health halo, which you can appreciate, Virgo. Additionally, Green says, "Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules over oats." A match made in the cosmos!

Libra- Thin Mints

Girl Scout Cookies - Thin Mints
Credit: Girl Scouts

Green says, "Libras are all about balance, and the mint and chocolate flavors in these cookies satisfy their need for harmony." She adds, "Libras are generally very likeable and popular," just like these fan-favorite Thin Mints!

Scorpio- Samoas

Girl Scout Cookies - Samoas
Credit: Girl Scout Cookies

Green says, "Scorpio rules over coconut and cocoa," which happen to be two of the main ingredients found in Samoas. Additionally, there's a lot going on in this cookie—plenty of textures, layers and deep flavors—just like you, Scorpio!

Sagittarius- Thanks-A-Lot

Girl Scout Cookies -. Thanks-A-Lot
Credit: Girl Scouts

Thanks-A-Lot cookies—shortbread with a layer of fudge—say "thank you" in languages such as English, French, Chinese, Swahili and Spanish, which is perfect for your wanderer sign! Green says Sagittarians typically "love to travel, and are very sociable and friendly."

Capricorn- Trefoils

Girl Scout Cookies - Trefoils
Credit: Girl Scouts

Basic and to the point, shortbread Trefoils are just your speed. Green says, "Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, so they will appreciate the simple, no-frills flavor of these cookies." You'll also love supporting young female entrepreneurs since Green says, "Capricorns are considered one of the most ambitious, hard-working signs of the zodiac."

Aquarius- Toffee-tastic

Girl Scout Cookies - Toffee-tastic
Credit: Girl Scouts

You march to the beat of your own drum, Aquarius, and you're not afraid to stand out or be different. Toffee-tastic cookies may not be the most popular cookie on the menu, but just like you they "have a unique flavor that's really out of this world," Green says.

Pisces- Girl Scout S'mores

Girl Scout Cookies - S'mores
Credit: Girl Scouts

S'mores were practically made for you, Pisces! Green says each layer of this cookie represents a part of your personality. "The two graham crackers represent the two fish swimming in different directions (the symbol of your sign), the fluffy marshmallow represents your dreaminess and 'head in the clouds' mentality and the chocolate represents your sweet and loving nature."