This Essential Oil Diffuser Makes My House Smell Like I've Been Cleaning for Hours

Want to fake a clean house in 10 minutes? Get one of these diffusers.

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Essential Oil Diffuser with the word "Obsessed"
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I'm trying to be more conscious about the cleaning products I use around my house, because a lot of them can be filled with harsh chemicals. And while I've loved using more natural cleaning products, I miss the "clean house smell" that comes along with highly scented commercial stuff. So, in an attempt to find a natural solution, I started doing some research on essential oil diffusers.

A few months ago I bought a diffuser online. I won't even link it here, because it just wasn't very good. It was tiny, and would only scent the space around my bed. Oh, and it was super loud and leaked water, so I couldn't even turn it on when I went to sleep.

I was about to swear off diffusers forever until I tried out this one from Guru Nanda ($60, Amazon). It's pretty big (it holds 2 liters of water), but it's almost completely silent. And because it has a large tank, it's able to scent 300 square feet for up to 12 hours (read: you only have to refill it once a day). I also love that the wide mouth makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth, and it has a remote control to change the light or scent settings with ease.

I've been diffusing the Guru Nanda tea tree and eucalyptus oils for a fresh, clean smell. Next, I want to try these wall plug-ins in every room. Since they're powered by a USB charger, they can even go in your car! (Plus, they're only $15 on Amazon.)

The bottom line: I'm obsessed and want every room in my house to smell like I've been cleaning for hours (or at least smell like a very chic spa). If you're looking for a way to scent your home without pricey candles or chemical-filled cleaning products, check out this diffuser on Amazon.

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