You Can Get Unlimited Coffee and Tea From Panera for Under $10 a Month—Here's How

Panera Bread launched a coffee subscription service via its MyPanera app this week.

Big news, Panera lovers—the restaurant just launched a coffee subscription service. Starting today, customers can sign up for MyPanera + Coffee, via the MyPanera app. You can enjoy unlimited access to hot tea, hot coffee and iced coffee at more than 2,000 Panera Bread locations nationwide for just $8.99 per month. This means your daily coffee habit could just cost you 30 cents a day!

A MyPanera + Coffee subscription allows you to order one eligible beverage of your choice every two hours with unlimited refills each day. That means you could sip on an iced coffee and come back two hours later for unlimited hot tea. You can order your beverages via app, online or at a register or kiosk if you're at a Panera Bread cafe.

Panera Coffee
Panera Bread

Plus, those who opt for plant-based alternatives are now able to substitute free of charge. The restaurant chain has removed the upcharge for plant-based milks and is also seeking new alternatives (we're crossing our fingers for oat milk). This is all part of their initiative to shift towards a more plant-based menu in coming years.

Anyone can snag this amazing deal, but you have to have the MyPanera app in order to subscribe to MyPanera + Coffee. Simply download the MyPanera app, create an account and sign up for the subscription service. MyPanera + Coffee requires you to keep a card on file to automatically bill every 30 days. And if you're already a MyPanera member, your coffee subscription can still help you earn rewards points—as long as you order another menu item with your beverage.

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