We never even knew this fruit existed, but now we want to try one ASAP.

Miami Fruit, the rare fruit grower in Florida that introduced us to jaboticaba, is making it possible for you to try all the exotic fruits of your dreams. Their latest crop to grace our Insta feeds? A purple star apple!

The fruit got its name because it's about the size and shape of an apple you'd find at the grocery store (even though it's a tropical fruit and technically not an apple at all). Plus, when you cut the fruit in half, the inside looks just like a star!

The inner white flesh is sweet, juicy and milk-like, and makes for a refreshing snack. It's worth noting that the outer skin is often coated in latex, so only the pulp around the seeds is edible. (There are some fascinating videos about how to peel and eat the fruit on the company's Instagram story highlights.)

Miami Fruit is offering a small box (3-6 pounds) for $97, a large box (8-12 pounds) for $157, an extra-large box (16-26 pounds) for $287 and a bulk box (34-45 pounds) for $444. While these exotic fruits are pricey, the company is offering $10 off your order of purple star apples when you enter the promo code "STARAPPLE10" at checkout.

Miami Fruit can ship the star apple anywhere in the U.S., with the exception of California. Check out Miami Fruit's website to learn about all of their fun, exotic fruits!