@TraderJoesObsessed, a grocer fan account on Instagram, discovered the new item this week.

We are less than a month away from spring, and our taste buds are dreaming of lemony desserts, vibrant salads and a new slew of fresh produce. Trader Joe's is helping usher in the upcoming season with an exciting new product—pink lemons!

@TraderJoesObsessed, one of our favorite Instagram accounts for all things TJ's, discovered the novelty fruit earlier this week. The grocer is selling bags of three pink lemons for just $1.69 right now. These lemons are pink on the inside (@TraderJoesObsessed says they look like little grapefruits) and are striped green and yellow on the outside.

These pink lemons are not just beautiful to look at, they are full of flavor too. Trader Joe's not only has us dreaming of pink lemonade popsicles poolside, but we also think these new pink lemons would be fabulous additions to your favorite spring and summer cocktails. Cheers to that!