Airbnb is offering a "wolf encounter" in the Pacific Northwest and OMG I need to go.
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Wolf Hike Airbnb
Credit: Getty / Eduardo Gmez / EyeEm

When it comes to vacations, my husband would be perfectly fine parking himself in a beach chair with a cooler full of beer. However, I'm more into the fast-paced and adventurous vacay style. When I'm in a new place, I prefer to see the sights, eat at the best local restaurants and walk around until my feet ache.

Since it's cold right now where I live I thought I wanted to go somewhere sunny on my next vacation—until I read about how you can hike with wolves in the Pacific Northwest. Well, *technically* they're wolf dogs, and they live in a wildlife refuge in Anacortes, Washington (about an hour and a half north of Seattle) with other animals such as sloths, cougars and foxes.

When I told my husband I wanted to do this, he thought I was nuts. "But wolves are mean," he said. I thought he may have a point, so I did a little research. Turns out, there have only been 80 human-wolf "interactions" (that includes things like attacks and non-aggressive interactions) in the last 60 years, according to So, while wolves aren't exactly a threat, the Airbnb experience still takes extra measures for safety (like not allowing children under 18 years old to participate and educating tour-goers about wolf behavior before they meet the animals).

According to the Airbnb experience listing, these wolf dogs were either abandoned, rescued from the exotic pet trade or needed a forever home to live peacefully. Dave Coleburn, founder of nonprofit organization Predators of the Heart, recognized this need and now has 26 wolf dogs living on his property (some of which have even been featured in movies and music videos!).

The two-hour tour costs $200 per person and includes a leash-free hangout with two wolf dogs, a guided trail walk and a meet-and-greet with all of the other exotic animals. You'll also get to pet the wolf dogs, learn how to howl and even take the perfect Instagram photo. (Are you booking your trip yet?!)

The cool part (other than getting to hang with wolf babies) is that 100% of the proceeds go to Predators of the Heart. The money will help the sanctuary care for and feed the animals (which, according to the Airbnb description, is quite the undertaking, since the wolves and cougars at the sanctuary eat 6,000 pounds of meat per month!).

Hurry up and book your wolf encounter, since spots are filling up quickly! (Book it on Airbnb).