This Champagne-Flavored Seltzer Is the Only Valentine We Need This Year

Polar Seltzer's new flavors for Valentine's Day speak to us—especially the one that mimics bubbly.

polar seltzer bottles for valentines day

We're big seltzer fans here at EatingWell and love trying new flavors when they come out, which is why we were so excited to see Polar Seltzer's new flavors for Valentine's Day! There's a flavor for V-day lovers—Red Hearts Seltzer—made with passion fruit and loving peach, and a flavor for the haters—Black Hearts Seltzer—made with blackbury and champain. And while we love the puns, what we love even more is that they made a Champagne-flavored seltzer that actually tastes like champagne.

The Black Hearts Seltzer delivers that distinct dry taste of Champagne, so much so that you might be surprised that there isn't actual Champagne in there. And it has a subtle hint of blackberry, so it's not overly sweet smelling or tasting. It's quite different from Polar's other flavors, which tend to err on the side of bold, so if you're someone who prefers a lighter refreshment, this one is for you.

On the other hand, the Red Hearts Seltzer is what you may image a love potion tasting like—super bright and floral with a strong peach flavor that makes it taste sweet without the use of any sugar. While the passion fruit is less distinct, it definitely adds to the aroma of this sultry sipper. If you typically go for the crazy flavor combinations Polar puts out, then you'll love this one.

What's more, these cute bottles have "to" and "from" lines, with extra space to drop in a message to your Valentine. So, basically these are the grown up version of the paper Valentines you used to give out as a kid—but better. Enjoy them straight from the bottle or pour over ice and garnish with blackberries or peach slices for a light and refreshing mocktail or add a little gin or vodka to create a delicious Valentine's Day (or anti-Valentine's Day) cocktail.

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