10/10, would recommend.
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washable rug on a pink background with the word "Obsessed"

I saw ads for Ruggable, the washable rug company, on social media, and it instantly piqued my interest. I'm a notoriously messy eater and self-proclaimed rug ruiner (no, seriously, I was once doing arts and crafts, lit a jute string on fire to get rid of the frayed ends, dropped it and burned a permanent worm-shaped hole into my rug). Don't believe me? Here's a picture to prove it:

I wasn't sure that a rug—especially an area rug—could fit into my washing machine (or, frankly, my rug-ruining lifestyle). But I was curious about Ruggable, so I decided to try one out.

I chose the Prisma Monochrome Rug for my dining room. I needed something large (I opted for the 8x10 size), somewhat neutral (my dining room is navy blue with bold art) and able to withstand flying spaghetti sauce, my dog and a lot of foot traffic.

When the rug arrived, I was kind of shocked. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but the delivery person leaned a MASSIVE (like ~8-foot) box against my house. I looked at it and thought again, "There's no way this is fitting in my washer."

I lugged the box inside and got to work unrolling the two pieces of the rug. First, there's a black non-slip rug pad. It has a velcro-like top that sticks to the rug cover (which, turns out, is extremely lightweight and could definitely fit in my washer. Color me surprised!).

Before I put the pieces of the rug together, I thought it might look flimsy and cheap, since the rug cover is so thin. But once I assembled everything, it looks just like any other area rug—except it's washable! Plus, the rug feels really good on your feet, thanks to the non-slip pad that's made from the cushy material used in yoga mats.

Here's a pic of it in my dining room. I'm really happy with the way everything looks!

washable rug in a dining room under a dining room table

What's really cool about Ruggable rugs is that they come in a ton of colors, prints and sizes and are priced pretty comparably to rugs you'd find your local home store (they range from about $100-$400). And the best part? My scorched rug has been replaced for good.