10 Cookbooks That Drew Barrymore Swears By to Eat Healthy

The actress, producer, beauty mogul and mom of two shared her favorite cookbooks for recipe inspiration on Instagram.

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Drew Barrymore is one of our favorite celebrities because she is actually relatable and her passion for life is inspiring. If you follow Drew on Instagram you know she's a huge foodie and loves to cook in the little spare time she has. She took to the 'gram this week to share some of her favorite cookbooks that she uses for recipe inspiration to make healthy meals with a global influence.

We've rounded up 10 of her top picks to help inspire you to get in the kitchen, expand your palate and eat healthier this week. These books would also make great gifts for the home cook in your life, whether they are new to cooking or looking to broaden their horizons.

The Blue Zones Kitchen

The Blue Zones Kitchen

This cookbook was written by Dan Buettner, a professional explorer for National Geographic. He and his team discovered the "blue zones," regions of the world where people tend to live the longest, healthiest lives. Buettner spent the last several years cooking amongst the people of the five blue zone regions—Nicoya, Costa Rica; Loma Linda, California; Sardinia, Italy; Icaria, Greece and Okinawa, Japan—to preserve their recipes and share them with the rest of the world.

The Blue Zones Kitchen is unique in that it also takes an anthropological look at each blue zone and gives additional insight into the history, culture and everyday life of these regions.The vast majority of these recipes are made with simple, plant-based ingredients like legumes, beans, fruits and veggies, and occasionally with dairy and honey.

Buy it: The Blue Zones Kitchen, $17.93


Solo - A Modern Cookbook for a Party of One - Anita Lo Book Cover

Solo: A Modern Cookbook Party for One is written by Michelin-starred chef and Iron Chef America and Top Chef Masters contestant Anita Lo. Lo encourages solo home cooks to practice self-love through creating a delicious meal for themselves—but all the recipes could be easily multiplied when entertaining. This book is filled with humor, illustrations and sophisticated meals to make solo cooking a priority in your life.

Buy it: Solo: A Modern Cookbook Party for One,$13.99

Where Cooking Begins

Where Cooking Begins - Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook - Carla Lalli Music book cover

Carla Lalli Music is Bon Appétit's brilliant yet approachable food director. Her debut cookbook is inspired by how her family eats at home and the joy she takes in providing loved ones a satisfying meal. Where Cooking Begins not only provides delicious, intuitive recipes but also connects the reader with resources for how to shop and techniques for becoming a better home cook.

Buy it: Where Cooking Begins: Uncomplicated Recipes to Make You a Great Cook, $13.21

The Japanese Table

The Japanese Table cookbook cover

This brand-new book from recipe developer and photographer Sofia Hellsten is a celebration of her love for Japanese home cooking. The Japanese Table is centered around the country's tradition of ichiju-sansai, which translates to "one soup, three dishes." Full of simple recipes for small plates that can be served any time of day, this cookbook encourages the reader to treat each dish like royalty while offering tips for finding ingredients, quick methods and how to build the perfect meal.

Buy it: The Japanese Table, $23.50

The World Sauces Cookbook

the world sauces cookbook

Author Mark C. Stevens is a food writer, world traveler and avid home cook. He combined his passions for food and travel by completing the Continental Grand Slam—which means traveling to all seven continents within a calendar year—back in 2017. He's collected his findings from the four corners of the world in one cookbook, with 60 sauces from almost as many countries. The World Sauces Cookbook comes with 30 additional recipes for food to pair with these tasty sauces.

Buy it: The World Sauces Cookbook, $12.99

I Can Cook Vegan

i can cook vegan cookbook

Best-selling author and restaurateur Isa Chandra Moskovitz's latest cookbook, I Can Cook Vegan, offers 125 plant-based recipes for seven types of cooks (such as "The Just Born, Brand New Cook" and "The Tried-and-True Seasoned Cook Who Is Tofu-Curious"). Each chapter is dedicated to helping both aspiring and veteran home cooks hone their skills in the kitchen and cook their way through approachable vegan entrees, sides and sweets.

Buy it: I Can Cook Vegan, $14.99


japaneasy cookbook cover

It's clear Barrymore has a soft spot for Japanese food, and Tim Anderson's JapanEasy is a great place to start exploring the cuisine for yourself. Anderson helps dispel the myth that Japanese cooking has to be laborious and difficult with his 76 easy-to-make recipes. Trickier recipes are accompanied with step-by-step illustrations to help keep your confidence up and indulge your adventurous side in the kitchen.

Buy it: JapanEasy, $21.37

Pam the Jam

pam the jam cookbook cover

From jams and jellies to pickles and chutneys, Pam Corbin has made a name for herself as the culinary authority on preserves. Her latest cookbook, Pam the Jam: The Book of Preserves, is filled with 100 recipes for bringing zest and color to your favorite meals.

This book isn't set to debut until May 19, 2020, but it's already a favorite of Barrymore's. You can pre-order this book on Amazon now with the rest of us—and you'll want to do so before it sells out.

Buy it: Pam the Jam: The Book of Preserves, $28

Ultimate Veg

ultimate veg cookbook cover

Jamie Oliver's highly anticipated new cookbook, Ultimate Veg, debuted at the beginning of this year and is already in full rotation at Barrymore's home. Whether home cooks are looking to incorporate meatless meals into their weekly routine or make it a daily practice, Oliver has an easy and flavor-packed recipe for every palate. There are even plenty of tasty desserts in this book to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Buy it: Ultimate Veg, $22.49


senegal cookbook cover

West African food is finally getting the attention it deserves, and Pierre Thiam's Senegal is a great place to dabble in this cuisine. Senegal: Modern Sengalese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl is a culinary journey through Senegal's history that shaped the food and drink the country enjoys today. Thiam has adapted these recipes for a modern kitchen so you can enjoy the vibrant, diverse meals in your own home.

Buy it: Senegal: Modern Sengaese Recipes from the Source to the Bowl, $24.49

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