Here's How Shakira Got in Super Bowl Performance Shape

Those hips don't lie, and she works hard to keep them that way.

We are still reeling from that already-iconic Super Bowl LIV halftime performance by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez last night, which has everyone wondering, what in the world do these women do to remain ageless? Lopez recently turned 50 while Shakira celebrated her 43rd birthday on stage Sunday, and these two performers looked as vibrant as ever. We have previously taken a deep dive into J.Lo's diet and exercise secrets, but we wanted to also take a look at what the "She Wolf" singer does in a day to stay glowing and fit.


Shakira worked with fitness icon Anna Kaiser to get in tip-top shape, who has worked with other stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Ripa and Karlie Kloss. Kaiser is the founder of The AKT, a dance-based cardio and fitness brand offering high-intensity cardio classes that mix in resistance training throughout. The pair work out six days a week with a rest day on Sunday. Check out their workout playlist.

Kaiser not only got Shakira's heart rate up each morning but formulated a diet plan to keep up the singer's energy and endurance, which she explained in detail to E! News prior to the performance. She also doesn't let Shakira get on her phone until she's completed her morning workout and spent some quality time with her kiddos!


Shakira kicks off her morning with two small meals each day. First, she opts for a Mediterranean Diet-style snack of eggs or avocado with tomatoes and olive oil, followed by a vegan protein smoothie, made with berries and greens. The singer likes to start her day with an intense sweat session and Monday calls for a 90-minute dance interval workout. Other days are varied but could include HIIT training, swimming and strength training. Kaiser will lower the intensity if the singer had a big rehearsal that day, but the singer will still eat twice that morning to keep her energy up.

Our "Egg in a Hole" Peppers with Avocado Salsa is a colorful and nourishing way to start your day a la the Med diet and Shakira, while a vegan fruit smoothie is an ideal post-workout snack because it's boosted with tofu for protein and has plenty of fiber to keep you full until lunch.


Shakira's typical lunch is pretty standard for most of the celebrity diets we cover—a big salad with lean protein. I'm really beginning to think Hollywood only serves fish and salads from noon to 2 p.m. every day.

Kaiser told E! News that the team is focused on consuming little to no sugar or dairy while prioritizing lots of colorful veggies and fish. The singer also prefers to eat five to six small meals per day, so she splits up her lunch as well as her breakfast.

Shakira's second lunch is usually a veggie-heavy soup of some sort—the singer loves artichoke, leek and eggplant, and carrot-ginger soups. These are typically eaten with some cucumbers that have been seasoned with lemon and salt.

Our Greek Salmon Salad is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, loaded with roasted veggies, a little Parmesan and a balsamic vinaigrette. We'd probably add a side of wild rice or another whole grain to ensure we are getting enough carbohydrates each day. And we love the idea of reaching for a cozy bowl of soup at snack time to help up ramp up our veggie intake.


Shakira's final meal of the day typically looks about the same as lunchtime. Kaiser says that dinner is basically just the hot version of lunch. Instead of a cold salad, Shakira will reach for grilled or steamed fish and vegetables at dinnertime and may even snack on a little low-sugar dark chocolate to round out the meal. And while Kaiser isn't a big fan, Shakira loves to switch out her fish for some pork chops (one of her favorite foods) to make dinner more fun.

Our Sheet-Pan Maple-Mustard Pork Chops & Carrots is the ideal dinner after a busy day because it's delicious, comes together in 30 minutes and requires minimal clean-up. We'd serve this with some brown rice or risotto for a well-rounded meal.

Shakira at the Super Bowl
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The Bottom Line

Well, it sure doesn't look like Shakira has a problem getting in her five servings of produce each day, and she gets plenty of those essential omega-3 fats in, but her diet seems to be missing lots of carbohydrates. We would have loved to see a piece of whole-wheat toast at breakfast and some other whole grains at lunch and dinner each day. Our bodies run really well on carbs—and they're especially important for someone who is dancing for hours on end every week.

"It sounds like her diet and exercise routine became extra intense as she prepped for the Super Bowl," adds registered dietitian and EatingWell's Senior Digital Nutrition Editor Lisa Valente. "It's great she's doing what works for her, like having small meals that work with her rehearsal schedule and still including some of her favorite foods, like pork chops. I'd love to see her eat more carbohydrates from whole grains or even fruits or dairy throughout the day. They not only will help with energy but also deliver important vitamins, minerals and fiber."

While Shakira likely still keeps up with her veggie and omega-3 intake whether or not she's preparing to perform for millions of people, it's important to remember this was a short-term plan with the intent to build her stamina to be able to sing, dance and body surf to perfection for about 15 minutes. Most of us don't have a need for that kind of endurance! Hopefully, the singer went back to upping her whole grain intake and will go a little easier on the workouts now that the show is over.

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