Avocados From Mexico's shopping network features hilarious accessories for everyone's favorite green food.

Avocados From Mexico created some pretty amazing prototypes for accessorizing your avocado as a hilarious way to promote their upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring Molly Ringwald. Their "shopping network" features 13 one-of-a-kind products for everyone's favorite green fruit, and we just had to share them with you. (Warning: These are so cute, you won't even want to use your avocado for guacamole!) While you can't exactly score these accessories for your own avocados, you can enter to win a $15,000 prize, which will get you a lifetime supply of avocados. For contest entry info, check out Avocados From Mexico on Twitter:

Avocado Memory Foam Bed

Why let your avocado sleep next to the other fruit in your bowl when it can sleep in style? Make sure the rest of your produce knows avocado is queen with this adorable memory foam bed shaped like a sombrero. It looks comfier than most of our beds!

Miniature Avocado Car Seat

avocado car seat
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Your avocado won't escape from your reusable grocery bag and end up smushed on the floor of your car, thanks to this mini car seat. Strap in your favorite avocado to ensure it becomes a beautiful, Instagram-worthy topping for your burrito bowl later in the week.

Luxury Avocado Getaway Yurt

avocado getaway yurt
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

It's not easy being green, and that means your avocado might be in need of a vacation until it ripens. Help it do so luxuriously with this stylish yurt that your hippie friend in L.A. will be so jealous of. There's plenty of room for friends, so be sure to pick up several avocados on your next grocery run to ripen in style together.

Green Velour Avocado Tracksuit

avocado velour tracksuit
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Athleisure is making a fashion comeback—even your favorite fruit. This emerald tracksuit helps show off what's on the inside while the rhinestone "ripe" on the butt gives your 'cado some street cred. Do they make matching ones for humans?

Avocado Pool Floatie

avocado floatie
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Avocados are one of our favorite foods to stock up on in the summer, and your guac will taste even better after your 'cado gets a little extra ripening poolside. This chip-shaped raft will help keep your avocado at ease before becoming everyone's favorite appetizer at the party later that night.

Cushioned Avocado Baby Carrier

avocado baby carrier
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

This is perfect for fans of Trader Joe's Teeny Tiny Avocados—which were just voted "Best Produce Item" in Trader Joe's Annual Customer Choice Awards. Now you can tote your favorite fruit with you wherever you go without worrying about bruising your precious cargo.

Dazzling Jeweled Avocado Tiara

avocado tiara
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

This item is ideal for the moment you find your dream avocado at the grocery store. The tiara is made for a perfectly ripe 'cado. You might get judged by the nominal avocado lovers in the produce aisle, but the true devotees will understand your need for a jeweled avocado tiara.

Miniature Avocado Booster Seat

avocado booster seat
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Keep your avocados close and your favorite ones closer with this mini booster seat that will clip on your grocery cart. This product is made with cushioning and a seatbelt to ensure the avocado of your choice will get to ride in style throughout your favorite supermarket.

Plush Avocado Neck Pillow

avocado neck pillow
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Your avocado just experienced a long trip from Mexico and the last thing it wants to do is spend more time in transit. Make the drive home more pleasant with this plush neck pillow. You can leave it on while your avocado rests in the fridge to keep it warm and snug.

Avocado Music Box

avocado music box
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

The Avocados From Mexico jingle will surely soothe your precious avocado to sleep after a long day. If not, there are six different tunes that your fruit is sure to love. A bowl of chips and guac twirl around instead of a ballerina to remind avocados of their glorious future.

Safety Helmet for Avocados

avocado safety helmet
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Kids love to help in the kitchen. While it's important to foster that excitement, they're not the most gentle creatures. Keep your avocado in one sturdy piece with this safety helmet to ensure that whether it falls from the counter or your child tries to squash it, the fruit will still be salvageable.

Hard-Top Avocado Suitcase

avocado suitcase
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

Your avocado might want to store its pit or sticker somewhere—or maybe even some cilantro for your next batch of guac—and this is the perfect item for doing so. Now it can jetset with you on your next trip instead of being left to rot while you're on vacay.

Untitled Avocado Portrait

avocado portrait
Credit: Avocados From Mexico

This sophisticated painting is a great reminder that you are a classy avocado lover and have the utmost respect for this delicious fruit. You know avocados have so much more value than being used as a toast topper, and this painting will reflect that anywhere you decide to show it off.