This Drink Mix Makes the Most Delicious Two-Ingredient Cocktail

"Love in a Cup" is so versatile—it'd be delicious with any spirit (or as a mocktail)!

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I love to cook, but I don't actually make a lot of cocktails at home. If I'm going to enjoy a drink, I'll pour myself a glass of wine or head out to a bar and let someone do the shaking for me. But when I tried Trisha Yearwood's Love in a Cup cocktail mix from Williams-Sonoma that all went out the window.

The cocktail mix is a gorgeous ruby color and is a bright and fruity mix of strawberry puree, lime juice and strawberry juice (plus some sugar). I thought it'd be a sugar bomb, but a 2.5-ounce serving has just 12 grams of sugar—much less than what you'd find in that fancy bar cocktail.

I love how versatile this cocktail mix is. Since it's slightly sweet and fruit forward, you can mix it with almost any spirit. Vodka or sparkling wine are recommended (and would probably be great), but I enjoyed it shaken with a little tequila as a two-ingredient margarita. If you're not a drinker, it'd also be delicious topped with some seltzer.

The cocktail mix is a little pricey—right now it's on sale for $15.16 (down from $18.95) for a 25.4-ounce bottle—but it's way less money (and work) than if you tried to make the puree yourself. Plus, each bottle has eight servings, so it's great for your next party (or fancy at-home date night). I'll definitely be making some sparkling wine cocktails with my "Love in a Cup" mix for Galentine's Day!

Buy it now: "Love in a Cup" Cocktail Mix, $15.16 at Williams-Sonoma

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