Hidrate Spark water bottles help you stay hydrated by establishing a personal hydration goal and providing glowing reminders to help you meet it.
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Hidrate Spark water bottles
Credit: Hidrate

Staying hydrated is one of the most simple things you can do to improve your health, and it's free. Drinking water is associated with better energy and focus, fewer cravings, a healthier weight and glowing skin. However, it can be tough to remember to fill up on water throughout a long day of meetings or your workout. Thankfully, Hidrate Spark is here to make our lives a million times easier with their glowing water bottles that remind you to drink up throughout the day.

Hidrate Spark's smart water bottle connects via Bluetooth to an app that determines your "personal hydration goal" based on nine different factors, like your height, weight, activity level and location. Then it helps you meet your recommended intake by glowing to remind you to keep sipping throughout the day—or through text notifications if you prefer.

Not only are these the most high-tech water bottles we've seen, they are also beautiful. Hidrate Spark water bottles are offered in four iridescent colors, plus grey and black, and have a soft grip for optimal sipping. These bottles have three different glow modes that you can change based on how vibrant you want your reminders to be.

Hidrate Spark water bottles are BPA-free and designed to fit wherever you need—be it a cupholder, backpack holder or bike bottle cage. And if you lose your water bottle, the Hidrate app will help you find it so you can get back to hydrating!

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