Miami Fruit, a producer of exotic fruit varieties, sells a Brazilian berry called jaboticaba.

It's that time of year again when we are dreaming of sunshine, tropical destinations and a festive drink or two. One of our editors got us even more ready to take on the tropics when she discovered an exotic Brazilian fruit called jaboticaba that apparently tastes like ginger and blueberries!

Jaboticaba (pronounced ja-boot-ee-kah-bah), looks like a cross between a grape and a giant blueberry with thicker skin. This fruit grows in clusters right on the bark of the tree and can grow up to 1 ½ inches in diameter.

The funky fruit tastes similar to a lychee—sweet with a slightly sour undertone—according to Miami Fruit, a company that is famous for growing and selling rare and exotic fruit across the country. Jaboticaba is a rare fruit that can only be grown in specific climates—like certain parts of Florida and California.

While jaboticaba isn't currently in season, you can place a preorder now to get this unique fruit as soon as it becomes available. And if they are as popular as the longneck avocados Miami Fruit sells, you're going to want to preorder them ASAP! While you can enjoy popping them into your mouth as-is, California Rare Fruit Growers advises trying jaboticaba in jellies, jams and wine. Yum!